Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Flower halo | Flower Chandelier

flower halo 0

Hi guys!  I owe you all some crafts so I’ve come today with two!

That sweet little girl above is my daughter Ellie.  She recently went to the most fabulous birthday party I’ve ever seen.  It was a fairy themed party complete with costumes for all the girls to wear and keep.  They included fairy wings, a tutu, a top, a large fairy wand with flowers and ribbon attached to a bamboo stick and those sweet little flower halos.  The moment I saw the halo on Elliott, I knew I had to make some.

So for today’s tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make a flower halo and as a bonus, I’ll be making a flower chandelier.  Fun, yes?  Let’s start with the chandelier.

flower halo 16
flower halo 1

You’ll need:
  • a large embroidery hoop
  • 2 or 3 artificial flower bunches
  • floral tape
  • wire cutters
  • green paint
  • satin ribbon
Start by painting your embroidery hoop green.

flower halo 2

Clip of all the stems from the bunches.  In my opinion, the longer the stem, the better.

flower halo 3

Take one stem and bend it along the hoop, securing with floral tape.

flower halo 4

Start your next flower with the bloom about half way down the stem you just taped and repeat around the whole hoop.

flower halo 5

You can leave the flowers kind of sticking out from the hoop like I did, or you can tape them down closer to the hoop.  Your choice.

flower halo 6

Now grab some different colored flowers and fill in the gaps between your first flowers, cutting and taping just like before.

flower halo 7flower halo 8

flower halo 15

Now wrap satin ribbons around the hoop like above at various lengths.  Use four ribbons to tie onto the hoop and hang from the ceiling.  It adds such a romantic touch to a bedroom.
Now for the halo!

flower halo 13

This is going to be the same technique pretty much, sans the hoop.

flower halo 10flower halo 9flower halo 11

When you get enough flowers taped together to wrap around your head, you can tape it into a halo.  Then just fill in the gaps with other flowers.

flower halo 12
flower halo 14

Simple and pretty!  Dreamy and romantic.  I love flowers, don’t you?


  1. You are beautiful with Ellie!) Thank you for the lesson, I have a boy, but may someday have a daughter) I hope so. And I found this beautiful floral wreath)

    1. Well thank you! It certainly is fun having a little girl!


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