Friday, August 31, 2012

Recycle a belt 3 ways

recycle a belt 3 ways

Got any belts you don’t wear anymore but might be nice as something else?  I’ve got 3 projects we can do that are super fast and super easy.

I’ll show you how to make a hair pin, a bracelet and a headband.  Just as practical as a belt, right?

belt into hair pin

For the hair pin, just cut of the end of the belt with all the holes.  Trim the ends into a nice curve.  Cut down a dowel or chop stick and sharpen the ends into a dull point so it’ll fit into the holes.  Done!

belt into bracelet

For the bracelet, cut off another piece of belt to fit around your wrist.  Add some jewelry clamps, jump rings and a clasp and ta-da!  A bracelet!

belt into headband

If you’ve got enough left of your belt, cut of a section long enough to cover the top of your head to behind your ears.  Then sew on some elastic to both ends.

You just turned 1 into 3! Yay!


  1. Very cute! I really like the bracelet!

  2. Great ideas and so simple. I'm having an I-wish-I'd-thought-of-that moment!

    1. Thank you! I know what you mean, I get those thoughts a lot!

  3. These are clever! I cannot wait to try these :)


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