Saturday, June 9, 2012


fabric bows
These sweet little fabric bows can be used as hair clips, little boy’s bowties, or to embellish a gift.  Use them how you want and they will keep their shape with this how-to.

Materials needed:
  • Fabric
  • Tacky glue
  • Liquid starch
  • Scissors
Cut out a strip of fabric about 8"x 3" and another about 1.25"x 2".  I like to dip mine in Sta-Flo liquid starch to get it really stiff and sturdy.  You can also get this same effect with Stiffy.  It just gives the bow more structure and helps it to keep a nice crisp shape.

bow 1
On your long strip, fold the edges lengthwise in to meet in the middle.  If you used the starch you should be able to just fold and press with your fingers like paper.

bow 2
Then fold the short ends into the middle and let them overlap a tad.  Use tacky glue to keep them together.

bow 3
Now pinch the middle from the backside like the picture above.  The side you see is the front of the bow.

bow 4
Then, fold the edges back accordion-like so you now have two mountain folds showing on the front.

bow 5
The smaller strip you cut can now me folded lengthwise into the middle and overlapping each other.  Use your finger to press the creases.

bow 6
Use that piece to wrap around the middle of the bow.  Make sure you have the end on the back and use a dab of tacky glue to secure.

bow 7
You can use your fingers to open up the curved sides of the bow or I like to crease the ends and kind of let them curve toward the back.  This is where you can hot glue hair clips to the back or sew onto a strip for a bowtie.  Really, you could use them for anything.  They could even be slipped onto a headband and changed out for different outfits.  I think they are so sweet, I really want to make some bowties for my 3 year old.

bow 9

Happy crafting!
yvette heart


  1. You make it look too easy!

  2. These are just about the sveltest bows I've ever seen. Lovely.

  3. I made one myself and looks just as pretty...thank you for the smashing tips ;-)

  4. Thank you Mandy!
    I'm so glad you tried it, Francesca!

  5. Believe it or not, I'm going to try this for our "girly" dog, Missy. The little ones with the rubber bands just don't work, so I thought this would make a good clip-on one for her! Thanks!

  6. Very pretty!! I'm giving away 2 fabric bow hair clips to celebrate 5000 page views. Join in if you are interested:

  7. Do you let fabric stiffer dry over night or but in microwave?

    1. No i didnt put it in th microwave. You don't have to let it dry completely. Iron it while it's still damp and there will be less wrinkles to get out. There will be some flakes from the starch but they will brush right off.

  8. these are so cute and simple! thanks for the tutorial! your pictures are great!

  9. Ive been looking for a good tutorial for hairbows for the longest time and yours was so easy to follow and my bow actually looks just like yours! thank you so much!

    1. That makes me so happy to hear! I'm so glad it was easy to follow. Thanks for commenting!

    2. That makes me so happy to hear! I'm so glad it was easy to follow. Thanks for commenting!

  10. These are adorable!! Love them!

  11. Thank you! They're so easy, I want to make one for every outfit of my girls'!

  12. Such a cute ribbon. So easy to make them as well. Thank you for the tutorial. :)

  13. This looks really easy! I should make some for my sisters and I. You know I bet if you glued a clip to the back you could make a clip-on for a boy. Too cute! (:

  14. Wow! I found this on CraftGawker, and wanted to know if it is the same as how Bethany Mota makes them. It is, but I have to admit that yours are much cuter.

    1. Well thank you Grace! You are sweet. I don't know who Bethany Mota is but chances are a lot of people have probably made their bows in a similar way. I really like crisp lines made with an iron and starch. Thanks for commenting!

  15. Great tutorial! I am having a baby girl after three little boys and needed the perfect bow for her tiny head. I used your idea but made them super little, they are so cute!! Thank you so much.

  16. Lovely fabric bow making DIY tutorial. Have to try it tomorrow.

  17. Beautiful. I can't wait to try this x


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