Tuesday, May 29, 2012


mantle display

Out of town guests were cause for a quick impromptu trip to the dollar store to clean up our mantel.  Who says the Dollar Store can’t be classy?

mantle display2

Now, a few of the vases were some that I’d already had, but I bought more from the dollar store along with the candle holders, the tea lights, the white pebbles, the stones and the moss nuggets.

I bought:
  • 3 vases
  • 2 candle sticks
  • 3 bags of moss nuggets
  • 1 bag of white pebbles
  • 1 bag of stones
  • 1 pack of tea lights
For a grand total of $11.00!!  Yay!  Go me!

I really think it gives a cleaner look.  Before the makeover, there was a black mantle clock and a couple of heavy dark green candle holders.  The mantle also served as a catch all for earrings, keys, found toys, a tube of lipstick, etc.  I’m proud to say that even after our guests have left, the mantle still looks like it does in this picture. 

yvette heart

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