Monday, May 28, 2012


Happy Memorial Day everyone!  Instead of crafting some cutesy flag cake toppers or sharing a favorite cookout recipe, I want to remind everyone why we celebrate today.  My boyfriend, Josh, volunteered to be a guest writer today and I proudly invite you to read on.  Take a moment in remembrance, reflect on our fellow brothers and sisters who gave their lives for our country.  This is for all the mothers, brothers, fathers, sisters, husbands, wives and friends who honorably died in the name of America.

The other day me and Yvette were at a local restaurant when a complete stranger came up and shook my hand.  I was wearing an old Army pt shirt and he said he was active Army himself.  It got me thinking about the connection service members have with each other and how they inherently become extended family over the years.  As cheesy as it may sound there is a bond that exists between us because of the similar experiences we have each had as well as some of the memories we wish we didn’t.  In the late nineties there was a plane that crashed in the mountains of South America, killing all seven soldiers on board.  The story ran for one segment on CNN and then was removed for security purposes given the nature of the mission.  That plane was one from my unit and those seven soldiers were all friends of mine and my families.  We had cookouts, played softball, and had play dates with our children.  We were a unit at home as well as at work.  The days following that crash and the subsequent recovery is something that I think about everyday.  I will spare you the details but understand that it was something out of a nightmare.  Even worse was consoling the wives, husbands and children of these men and women who had their worlds torn apart in the name of freedom.  It’s something that runs through my head everyday, but especially today.  When you or yours are enjoying a cookout or doing nothing on your day off I just want to ask that you stop and think about the friends and family I lost that day as well as the thousands of others who have died fighting for this country over the years and the families that were left to pick up the pieces and keep on living without the ones they love.  This is a holiday I think a lot of people take for granted, but just remember that everything we enjoy as Americans was earned.  It was not given, it was earned by the sacrifice of people doing a job a lot of others won’t.  Just remember that there is a reason this country has not been invaded in over half a century.  Just remember lives were given to ensure you have a long weekend.  Just remember today is about freedom.  I guess I’m asking you to just remember.
Josh C. Wallus
USAR 1996-2000

Thank you, Josh, I love you.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day.

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