Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fabric backed shelves


A great way to display a collection is to give it a good background.  My mother has a beautiful collection of white dishes.  This is only a small amount of what she has.  Her hutch is the first thing you see when you walk in her kitchen door so I helped her with this quick project to really make a statement. 
We chose to use fabric instead of scrapbook paper like we had originally intended because fabric is much more forgiving with the wrinkles than paper.  She showed me a trick using liquid starch instead of glue or ModPodge.  It’s like using wallpaper glue and makes the fabric super stiff.  We cut the pieces we needed and dipped them in the starch.  It’s better to cut the pieces slightly bigger than you need because you will have to stretch the fabric after dipping.
Now her dishes really stand out.  You would get this same effect from painting the back but this is much more temporary and you can chose patterns with fabric.

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