Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tissue paper puff ball flowers

tissue paper flowers 2
So for Elliott's birthday, I've decided to go all out.  I don't know that it was really a decision, more like it just got almost out of hand.  She'll be turning 4 and is really excited about this party.  It's going to be an outdoor party and I made these tissue paper puff ball things that sort of look like hydrangeas or peonies.  So I'm hanging some from the trees (right now I have them hanging in the girls' room for safe keeping until the party) and I hot glued some to skewers I wrapped in green floral tape and put them in white containers filled with rice (they were too heavy for the containers, the rice keeps them from tipping.)
crafts 005
I'm using all different shades of blue for the party and I've added some white and gray (silver) too.  I've gone to just about every store in town to make sure I have a lot of different shades of blue.
tissue paper flowers 1
The flowers I put in containers will be set on the tables.  These were very addictive to make.  I found myself making so many I had to stop myself before it became out of control.  I found a few tutorials on the internet on how to do these and still had to tweek the process before I found the perfect combination of size and shape of paper.  Here's where I got the initial tutorial but you should have no problem just googling it.

yvette heart



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