Friday, May 13, 2011

Little bookshelf

 I used to have the majority of the kids' books on shelves in the girls room on the wall.  I never liked it there because for one, I just knew one day it would come crashing down and two, I didn't like that the kids couldn't reach the books without climbing on something.  So I made a bookshelf that sits on the floor.  I'm very happy with it; it's very sturdy and I took the time to sand all the rough sharp corners before painting it white.  I think the kids will really like it.  We'll see when they get home from school
I have so many projects going at once and right now I'm in the middle of planning a birthday party for my youngest daughter.  But I plan on redoing the girls' room.  The wall is painted green and pink (an unfinished project from long ago) and I'm going to be painting it the same yellow (Extra Virgin Olive Oil by glidden) as what I painted the reading nook.  Those curtains are going too.  I love the container shelves to the left of the picture but I wish they were different colors.  Of course I will be posting pictures as I get things done.

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