Monday, May 7, 2012


Clockwise from top left: Michael Ann Made Friendship Bracelets, Talk 2 the Trees Highwaisted Dress, Cupcakes for Clara Scratch Cards, Say Yes to Hoboken Clay Pots
Seems like friendship bracelets are coming back judging by all the pins on Pinterest.  I’ve always loved them but don’t really have the time to sit down and make one.  I’m especially loving this particular bracelet shown on Michael Ann Made.  It’s not the same old weave we’ve all seen.  I think this would be a perfect project for my seven year old daughter to do with her buddies this summer.  The explanation and pictures make it look so simple.

I can’t wait to make this dress!  My daughters both have dresses similar to this style and I’ve always coveted one for myself.  Talks 2 the Trees gives a tutorial on her version of making this dress and I’m thinking there’s no better time than right now to whip one of these up for myself.  I love to wear skirts and dresses.  They make me feel so light, pretty and man! you just can’t beat a cool draft under your skirt on a hot summer day! 

I’ve seen a pin similar to this a while back and I think I may have “liked” it or pinned it but never gave it a second thought.  Yesterday I saw this one by Cupcakes for Clara and suddenly a really fun idea popped in my head.  I’ve already started on them and I’ll be posting that project soon.

Clay pots 101 by Say Yes to Hoboken shows how to make these charming little planters.  I have to say though, the appeal of succulent plants lately is so big that I think you could put them in a toilet bowl and it would have a gazillion pins on Pinterest.  Nevertheless, these planters are cute, clever and seem to be simple to make.  I’d really like to try this one sometime, but I wonder if you can glaze them?  I guess a coat of shiny spray gloss would make them look ceramic or porcelain.

Hope you had fun pinning this week too and be sure to follow me on Pinterest!
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