Thursday, May 10, 2012


reward jar
Reinforce good behavior with these fun scratch-off reward tickets!  Read on for more.
Summers are always difficult for me having four very active kids all home.  It’s important to have structure in order for things to run smoothly but structure just isn’t in my nature.  We usually have a daily schedule for things like snack time, chores, free time, naps, quiet time or “rest and read” as we call it and of course arts and crafts.  But the schedule usually lasts for about a week and then I start getting impulsive again and the schedule goes out the window. 

So to help combat chaos and encourage calmness, I made the kids scratch-off reward tickets for when I see they are doing something good.
reward jar3
Under the scratch-off, they have different rewards like “stay up and hour later”, “decide what we are having for dinner”, “make cookies”, “have a friend sleep-over”, “play a board game with mom”, “no chores for one day” and other fun things that don’t cost money. 

I saw the idea for the scratch-off paint on Pinterest.  Cupcakes by Clara made some that I really like but the original post on how to make the scratch paint came from Art Mind.  It’s really easy to do.  All you need is one part dishwashing liquid to two parts acrylic paint.  I tested two different techniques out before I painted on my actual cards.  I highly recommend taping over the words you want to reveal because painting directly on them doesn’t work too well.  The paint is very watery when you add the soap so several coats may be needed.

So what kind of things will you be doing with your kids this summer?  I plan to have lots of fun outdoors with them and hope to share some new ideas with you!

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