Monday, April 30, 2012

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Clockwise from top left: Let's Create Paper Bow, BHG Place Cared Holders, Craftiness is not Optional The Bapron, Oh Happy Day Paper Calla Lilies

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First up, and this is the only one I’ve tried yet, is the origami paper bow.  Bows are something I’ve always had a problem with.  I can basically do a normal shoe-tying bow and that’s about it.  Well now I can add a new one to the list.  This one is super easy and the pictures in the tutorial are very helpful.  I’m thinking you can make them with pretty scrapbooking paper or wrapping paper and can add them to gifts or cards.  There are countless applications for these bows and after making a few, it’s easy to become a pro.



What do I not love about this?  Even the most beginner crafter can do this one and make a table setting look great.  Match paint with the napkins, table cloth or heck, even the cherry tomatoes in the salad you’ve prepared.  They could be uniform in color and shape or you could use different sizes, designs and colors like the picture above.  This is something I definitely want to do since when my family gets together to eat we often leave someone out because there are just so many of us.  Next time, everyone will have a seat and there will be pretty place card holders that say so.



This is one of my favorite blogs to look at.  So beautifully put together and the photography is great.  This blog post is no exception.  With the whole craft flower craze still going on pretty strong right now, it’s nice to come across one of a different variety.  I’ve always loved calla lilies and these look so sweet on top of a gift.  What a way to make someone feel extra special before they even open the real gift!



When I first clicked on this pin, it didn’t want to take me to the source.  Luckily I did enough poking around to find where it came from and *woo hoo* I’m so glad I did because they have more tutorials than I would ever know what to do with!!  I will definitely have to go through them all and send a big-ol thank you for the time and effort put into sharing their creativity.  Be sure to go and check this page out, there is so much to see!


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