Monday, April 23, 2012

This week on Pinterest

picture2life_72784_originalClockwise from top left: Martha Stewart Bias Tape Tote, Hammer and Thread Owl Stuffies, Wit and Whistle Hand painted Mug, The Bride's Cafe Birdcage Lanterns


Thank God for Pinterest.  Right?  The creator is an absolute genius and I believe Pinterest is the best thing to come along since the seam ripper.  It allows us to explore what was previously undiscovered and opens up a whole new world of inspirations, dreams, desires, things we’ve never seen, things we’ve never known, new ideas, a world of pretties.  Without Pinterest, a lot of us would still be poking around Facebook and the few other blogs or websites we usually visit not knowing what else is out there!  I’ve been so inspired by Pinterest, like so many of you, that I’m going to devote Mondays to Pinterest finds on Abernathy Crafts.

Martha Stewart has given us yet another pretty on her website complete with a downloadable template and instructions on how to make this cutesy tote.  I’m loving the tricolored one on the left and I think I just might make one for a friend of mine who is going on a cruise soon.  (Lucky)


With Mother’s Day coming up, this coffee mug with instructions could be a really cute gift idea for Mom.  Although I really like the design pictured, you could draw anything on the mug for personalization.  So cute.


The Bride's CafĂ© came up with a really cute and whimsical idea and I can’t help but think these little bird cages would be an adorable addition to my girls’ room.  I mean, how happy!  And how creative!

I have the perfect printed jersey knit fabric that’s been waiting for a project like this one.  I imagine any child would love to cuddle this soft little owl.  Hammer & Thread give a tutorial and downloadable pattern.  Yay!


Thank you to all who willing gave us these tutorials!  I can’t wait to try them.  And to my readers, I welcome you to follow me on Pinterest.  I’m always pinning and finding great stuff to share!

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