Friday, April 20, 2012

Make your own sidewalk chalk paint

It’s paint! Now it’s chalk!  It’s sidewalk chalk paint, and you can make it yourself!
sidewalk paint 9b
After looking up some recipes for DIY kids paint, I decided to just make it simple.  My kids and I love to paint outside and we go through so much Crayola paint.  This method is way cheaper and easy to whip up fast.  

Please note: I don't recommend storing it and keeping it for long.  A few days after I made mine, I noticed a foul odor coming from our box of paints.  The flour and water mixture expanded inside of the containers and blew the lid of a couple leaving the flour mixture running out into the box we keep them in.  I would make this recipe again, no doubt, but next time, I'll divide it into muffin tins or plastic cups and it'll be one-day-use paints.  I apologize if you made this recipe and the same thing happened to you.  Next time I will test the recipe for a week before sharing.

All you need is all-purpose flour, water, food coloring, containers and a mixing bowl.
sidewalk paint 6
Mix together 2 cups of flour and 2 cups of water.  It’s best to use a mixer because it gives the best consistency and gets out all the lumps but a wire whisk will work just fine.  If you are going to make more than one color, I suggest mixing the flour and water in a separate bowl and filling the containers first before you add the color.  I just washed and reused the old paint bottles my kids already had.  I was able to fill 12 of these containers with one batch.  Don’t fill all the way.  You need room to shake the paint.
sidewalk paint 7
Now add the food coloring.  I used the neon colors and was able to get every color of the rainbow plus some pretty shades of mixed colors.  You can play around with how many drops depending on how you like the color.  I started off with 2 drops but on some I ended up with as many as 8 drops.  Now put the lids on tight and shake those suckers up!  After shaking 12 bottles, my arms and hands were tired.
sidewalk paint 8
Now off to the sidewalks!
sidewalk paint 2
It starts off looking and feeling like paint.  Nice color and consistency.  Then it ends up drying to look like sidewalk chalk. 
sidewalk paint 3
We also decorated the trampoline, which has a really nice painting and chalking surface.
Then Jude decided to decorate himself and some stepping stones.
Thanks for reading!  Hope you have fun painting with the kiddos!
yvette heart

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