Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Custom made stamps

Life just got fancier with my custom made stamps!
I recently bought a couple of stamps from two different Etsy sellers.  One was for my kids’ books and one was for my handmade goodies.  For the books, I wanted something that I didn’t have to write their names in like the usual “This book belongs to ______”.  I found Scribbling Club on Etsy, a one-person team who makes stamps by machine.  The artwork was premade, I just ordered it with the text I wanted.  It took a few weeks to get (custom made) but it was totally worth the wait.
It came with care instructions and already mounted on an acrylic block with a sticker on the reverse side showing the stamped image.
The other stamp I bought was for stamping cards that go with my handmade products.  I found Letter Kay who carves all of her stamps by hand.  This woman really impressed me.  I sent her a picture of a drawing I did along with the name of my business written by hand.  She quickly carved it up for me and send it to me lickity-split looking just like what I had sent her!  She is amazing and her prices are very fair, especially considering that no two stamps of hers will be exactly alike given that they are hand carved.  It arrived as a flat rubber stamp, unmounted, but I just glued mine to a block of wood and attached a wooden drawer knob.  She does amazing work, I suggest you check her out.

Now off to finish stamping our ridiculously large library.
yvette heart

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  1. With the advent of modern technology, rubber stamps almost seem obsolete, and it makes little sense to many to be working at a store that specializes in creating rubber stamps.


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