Friday, January 25, 2013

Washi tape phone cover

washi tape phone cover tutorial


I saw this and thought, “why not?” Washi tape is so dang popular that it’s been used to cover everything!  It’s like the classier cousin of duct tape.

I’ve been having this tutorial in my archives for quite sometime and I had a moment to write it up and publish it.


washi tape phone cover

This is a quick little project and all you need is a roll of washi tape and a razor blade.


washi tape phone cover 1

Depending on your phone, you may have to take off the back cover.  I know you iPhone users don’t have a removable battery so this wouldn’t apply to you.

washi tape phone cover 4

Start on one side or start in the middle.  Either way is fine, just be careful to follow the pattern on your tape if needed.  Leave a little extra hanging off the ends.

washi tape phone cover 5

Don’t worry about holes and extra tape, you’ll trim that at the end.

washi tape phone cover 6

Using your razor blade, trim off the excess and any holes you have.

washi tape phone cover 8

I have a clear rubber case for my phone so you can still see the tape through it and it helps to protect the tape from dirt and rubbing.  If you don’t have a clear case, no worries, you can give it a coat of modpodge or clear nail polish to give it some protection.

washi tape phone cover

And… done!  Happy crafting!


  1. I am in dire need of a new phone case... and I love this! Thanks for sharing! ~Stephanie

  2. Thanks Stephanie! With all the different tapes out there, you can change your case for every outfit!

  3. cute idea! Definitely a customizable one!


  4. Wow, this looks really good, I really like you creativity, why I haven't thought of it yet. Thank you for sharing this post with us


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