Friday, August 17, 2012

TOMS-inspired tote

TOMS inspired bag

I bet a lot of you might recognize this as the TOMS bag.  Only, this isn’t a shoe company, it’s my son’s book tote!

TOMS inspired bag

Although, I was definitely inspired by the TOMS bag.

TOMS inspired bag

I thought it would be a cute way to personalize a child’s tote or pencil case.

TOMS inspired bag

It was super simple to make.  I found a font on my computer that was very similar to the TOMS lettering (Corbel) and sized it to fit the tote I was going to make.  I used the freezer paper method (tracing the letters right off my computer screen) to print the letters and the blue bands.

TOMS inspired bag

I even added four grommets in the corners just like how the TOMS bags always come.
If you wanted to do something similar for your child (or for yourself) but maybe you think their name is too long or you just don’t want a name, you could always add any other word like “PENCILS” or “PENS” for a pencil case or the word “ARTS” would be cute on a tote.
Do you have any ideas for TOMS bags?  I have a bunch that I don’t use as bags but I just know there’s something I could do with them.

TOMS inspired bag


  1. Oh, wow, Yvette. This is like the. cutest. thing. ever. I bet your son LOVES it!

    ...and again, you've found a way to make your blog look even cuter!

    1. Ha thanks! Yes, I changed it again but I think this time I'm actually happy with it. No more changes!
      (Unless I decide to switch to Wordpress to host my blog)

  2. LOVE THIS! Great idea! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. It looks like the TOMS logo is in Futura rather than Corbel. The "S" is more equally balanced, a signature feature of Futura's Art Deco design. I think Futura is a default font on Apple computers, but I'm not sure about PCs.

    The more you know ~*

  4. I'm a little smarter now, thanks


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