Monday, August 20, 2012

Fraggles and Friggles | Sponsor Highlight

fraggles and friggles
I am so very excited to introduce you guys to my second sponsor for Abernathy Crafts.  Her name is Elizabeth and she has a cute little Etsy shop called Fraggles and Friggles

A lot like my shop, Fraggles and Friggles is full of random and delightful crafts.  Right now she offers jewelry, coasters, hand-woven scarves, and screen printed tees.

Hydrangea earrings

I have to say, my favorite item in her shop is this pair Hydrangea earrings!  I love Hydrangeas and these earrings are so delicate and sweet.  I don’t think I’ve seen anything like that on Etsy and I like that she is creative enough to offer something different.

rhode island coasters

A lot of her inspiration comes from her mother whose love of geology and rocks is translated into her gemstone bracelets.  She also has a loom, so those great looking scarves she has are hand-woven.  I find that very impressive.

I’m so honored to have Elizabeth here and I hope you find her shop to be just what you were looking for.  I hope to see a lot more from her shop, I’m crossing my fingers for more science related geekery.

Thanks Elizabeth!

elizabeth mermelElizabeth is a big fan of up-cycling, has a degree in Microbiology and lives in Rhode Island with her boyfriend.  Visit her Etsy shop, Fraggles and Friggles and “like” her on Facebook.

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