Monday, July 23, 2012

Tooth fairy tin

tooth fairy tin 4

The tooth fairy appreciates when you provide a way for her to take teeth and leave money undetected and quietly.  A felt-lined tin will work perfectly! 
tooth fairy tin 3
Ever since I made the fabric covered boxes, my girls just love special containers.  I made them each their own fabric box where they like to keep their treasures.  Since then, I’ve been making all kinds of pretty containers.  Well a tooth fairy tin it is!  Take a mint tin, felt, fabric and glue and we have ourselves a sweet little container to leave a tooth and receive some money!
tooth fairy tin 1
tooth fairy tin 2
So, what do you use, if anything, to leave teeth for the tooth fairy?  Do your children still believe?  How much does she leave them?


  1. My son is only three so we haven't done the tooth fairy yet. However, he already has told me that the tooth fairy leaves two gold coins. Inflation! Where did he come up with that? I was planning to use two Susan B Anthony coins but I guess they aren't made any more. Will have to come up with another idea.

    1. You could give him two sacajawah coins.I (I spelled that wrong) you know the gold coins with the lady with the baby on her back? That would be two bucks. Still way more than we used to get!


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