Monday, June 18, 2012

Lavender Festival recap

festival 1
Saturday at the Lavender Festival was a success!  More pictures and details after the jump.

festival 2
Our booth was front and center when you walk into the square which allowed us to be viewed by just about everyone who came. This was added pressure to make sure our booth was showy and lovely but with all the flowers we had made, it was a display that needed no fluff.

festival 3
We were worried but prepared for rain but instead we got a few drops and a whole day of fabulous breeze. Jackson Square was filled with people and music and lots of lavender. Wonderful smells were coming from all around us. Next to us we had the cooking with herbs booth that let us sample some scrumptious foods.

festival 5
I was so proud of my signage.  I used fonts that I had downloaded on my computer and hand-copied them onto white boards.  Next time, though, I won’t use white boards.  I don’t know why I thought it would be a good idea but something that doesn’t smudge would be better.

festival 6
festival 7
There were some times when our booth was 3 deep, a lot of people were drawn in by our flower display.  There were a lot of people who remembered making the flowers in the 70s.  I thought that was neat.  One girl came by and told me she used to make them with her mother when she was young.  She seemed to be taken back to happy days when she talked about it.  I thought that was really cool.

This was the second festival I’ve ever been in.  The first was nearly 7 years ago so I didn’t really know what to expect.  I’m glad we did it and I’m glad we were so prepared.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth and if you are here because you picked up one of my cards, I hope you like this blog and find lots of inspiring projects.  Come back anytime and often! 

Now this is what I just couldn’t wait to show my readers!  This was my favorite booth at the festival.  Her name is Tina from Knoxville, TN and she runs Spotted Horse Crafts.  She had some really cute and inspiring things in her booth.  I bought a really cute little heart pillow made from a salvaged antique quilt.  I took some pictures of the things that I found especially cute but you will be able to see other things that she makes as well as her schedule of up coming shows on her website.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t have an Etsy shop, although she should, her stuff is so adorable and unique.

festival 8
These are her felted cupcakes she made from sweaters.  A lot of her crafts were upcycled from old sweaters, which I love, and she also crochets.

festival 9
Here are her felted owl pillows.  I heard her say they were selling well.  I can see why!

festival 10

festival 11
These felt bowls are something that I had never seen before and I just thought they were the cutest things!  How creative!  I love creative people!
So, check her out and hopefully you will be able to see her at one of the festivals.  Also, keep your fingers crossed that one day soon she will open an Etsy shop.  Her prices were spot on and her booth was full of really lovely things.  Thanks, Tina, for letting me take pictures!  I hope you did as well as you had hoped!
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