Friday, June 3, 2011

Medic Tent

Make your kids their own tent for indoor or outdoor fun!

I made my children a tent that they can fold and unfold to play in either outside or in.  I got the idea from Rubyellen on her blog Cakies.  The tent is so cute and fun looking I think I just might crawl inside!  (Alright, so I already did!)

I didn't hem the edges because I wanted a rugged look to it and instead of using elastic like she did, I used a staple gun.  My kids are a bit more destructive.  I'm also questioning the integrity of the tent, not that I really expect it to be industrial strength or anything.  I can just see that dowel being snapped in half.

I colored the cross with a red sharpie and when my 2 year old saw me doing it, he had to decorate it himself too (as you can see in the back upper corner.)

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